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10 YEARS! [Oct. 23rd, 2013|09:51 am]
Uncle Steve
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I have had a Livejournal page for 10 years today.

At one point it was my main online interaction. Looking back, what can I learn from such an accurate recorded history of my life?

Well, I read a lot of my favourite ever books in 2005. And I wasted a lot of hours on livejournal's political "Liberal" and "Conservatism" communities arguing with rabid right-wingers I was never going to convince anyway, which left me with a skewed setting for how acceptable it is to be over-aggressive online. (A typical political comment on there was something along the lines of "I HOPE YOU DIE" as the first thing you type.) I definitely how to articulate a point in a debate quickly, and put it into convincing words as soon as it occurred to me.

I made a lot of friends on my own journal too, and have met some of them in real life since. LJ was also directly responsible for me getting a job, and finding at least two romantic partners I wouldn't have met otherwise.

I wrote over 3000 posts, and received over 30,000 comments. It's amazing to have a time-capsule of your life from 10 years ago. (My early posts blame mostlyarmed and halcyon_shift for getting me on here). In 2005/6 I was posting nearly every day (I had a boring job, short attention span, and burning need to be creative often).

Having this LJ meant I was able to tell the family of a niche author how much he'd meant to my early teen years, got me quoted in the Times newspaper, and put me in touch with several global communities.

I eventually moved over to Facebook and Twitter just like everyone else, but I still write on here and link to it elsewhere if I need a platform for longer writing. Because I'm not in fandom / fanfic, LJ is much like geocities for me now, or chatting over ICQ, or MSN messenger before it moved to skype and stopped notifying you about email - a hugely nostalgic part of my past, but mostly done with.

[EDIT: Nice to see I'm not done with the political ranting, though.]

To close this self-indulgent celebration then, here is the current list of my tags. I didn't use them often until later years, and they don't seem to represent the real balance of my posts... but I still think Theresa May is rubbish and should resign.

07-07-2005 - 9 uses
30-days-meme - 27 uses
america - 132 uses
art - 26 uses
assholes - 115 uses
awww! - 48 uses
bad rep - 15 uses
bah - 89 uses
belgrade - 3 uses
books - 211 uses
comedy - 209 uses
comics - 70 uses
doomed - 45 uses
dude - 88 uses
fic - 14 uses
flickr - 35 uses
food - 32 uses
friendslist trawl - 10 uses
games - 64 uses
geek - 105 uses
girls! - 58 uses
good link eh? - 73 uses
groovy - 38 uses
he's dead jim - 61 uses
hopeless idealist - 117 uses
jacqui smith is rubbish & should resign - 7 uses
london - 133 uses
memes - 98 uses
movies - 186 uses
music - 217 uses
myth - 74 uses
news - 102 uses
obits - 25 uses
one for the slashers - 5 uses
only on the net - 122 uses
ouch - 30 uses
philosophy - 39 uses
pics - 83 uses
poetry - 29 uses
pointy - 3 uses
politics - 221 uses
poly - 7 uses
quoted out loud - 0 uses
quotes - 73 uses
rant - 33 uses
religion - 140 uses
ros - 14 uses
ruth kelly is rubbish and should resign - 9 uses
sci-fi - 91 uses
shiny! - 60 uses
snap day! - 4 uses
so doomed. - 36 uses
spoons - 5 uses
starting a fight - 33 uses
steve's flickr ramble - 2 uses
steve's politics update - 25 uses
taoism - 26 uses
the hoff - 10 uses
theresa may is rubbish and should resign - 2 uses
toryocalypse - 12 uses
tv - 165 uses
vids - 84 uses
wailywaily - 19 uses
we like green - 60 uses
weirdness - 62 uses
woe - 51 uses
work - 13 uses
writer's block - 2 uses
wrong - 33 uses
wuv twue wuv - 39 uses
yarr! - 8 uses
yay! - 12 uses
youtube horror - 24 uses

[User Picture]From: minnesattva
2013-10-23 11:20 am (UTC)
I like the idea of listing tags. :) It'll be my eleventh LJ-birthday soon; I might nick the idea.

I had your LJ recommended to me five or so years ago for your posts about Taoism, which I enjoyed very much.
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